Studio Ana D'Apuzzo

We promote the artworks of the artist and architect Ana D'Apuzzo through various medias. We organize theme exhibitions of her paintings and architectural works and diffuse them in the world. The studio/showroom of Ana D'Apuzzo is located in Ascona, Switzerland.

We also offer art consultancy services to assist customers in the selection of artworks and in the organization of their display in public spaces, as offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping and business centers.

We offer projecting of architectural works, interior design and consultancy services based on the experience in architecture and design of Ana D'Apuzzo (M.Arch., Dipl.Arch.Eng.FTN).

Any unauthorized use of images published in this homepage is prohibited.


Studio/showroom CLOSED: until further notice due to COVID-19

Current exhibition: Bright & Light, flyer, catalogue
Ana D'Apuzzo - Bright and Light

Exhibition of Ana D'Apuzzo at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, Japan, 2-14 Mar. 2020 rescheduled for 2021, flyer, link
Ana D'Apuzzo - Tokyo Midtown Design Hub

Exhibition of Ana D'Apuzzo at Shoboji, Oshu, Japan, Nov. 2019: photos (pdf)
Ana D'Apuzzo - Shoboji

Exhibition of Ana D'Apuzzo at Aomori Museum of Art, Japan, Nov. 2019: photos (pdf)
Ana D'Apuzzo - Aomori Museum of Art

The latest artworks: Ephemeris, Made of Light, Bliss
Ana D'Apuzzo - Artworks

Ana D'Apuzzo COLLEZIONI - Summer 2019: fashion
Ana D'Apuzzo - Fashion

Virtual art, architecture & design: virtual works
Ana D'Apuzzo - Artworks

Exhibition Black Hole, NAOJ Mizusawa, Oshu, Japan, Aug. 2019: flyer (pdf)
Ana D'Apuzzo - Shoboji

Exhibition Enlightening 1, Shoboji, Oshu, Japan, Nov. 2018: photos (pdf)
Ana D'Apuzzo - Shoboji

Exhibition Enlightening 3, Akita Museum of Art, Japan, Dec. 2018: photos (pdf)
Ana D'Apuzzo - Akita Museum of Art

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