Ana D'Apuzzo, Ascona, Switzerland

Contemporary architect, artist and designer. Dipl. engineer of architecture, with a master degree in the field contemporary architecture. Currently in research of the connections between contemporary art and architecture in theory and practice, trough various media: digital, oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, ink, combination of techniques.

She currently lives, paints and works between the two shores of Lago Maggiore.

2017-2018: Course on Design and Fashion Philosophy, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
2016-2017: Course on Architecture and Art Philosophy, Harvard Graduate School of Design, USA
2011.July: Opening of Studio d'arte e architettura, Ascona, Switzerland
2004-2006: Magister study in Architecture, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
2004.June: Master degree in Architecture, FTN, Serbia
1999-2004: Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTN), University of Novi Sad, Serbia
1998-1999: ARCO Art Academy, Lisbon, Portugal
1997-1998: School for talents "Sumatovacka applied art school", Belgrade, Serbia
1989-1997: School for talents "Milo Milunovic", Krusevac, Serbia
Born 1978, Krusevac, Serbia

Awards and competitions (a selection):
Finalist at "Saluti dal Ticino", Bellinzona, Switzerland, 2022
Finalist at "Perspective Mag Award - 40 Under 40 Creatives", Hong Kong, HK, 2017
Saatchi Art "Artist of the Day", London, UK / Santa Monica CA, USA, 2016
Finalist at "The Plan Awards - Special Projects", Milano, Italy, 2015
First price at "Lelo UnDesign Award - Painting", Hong Kong, China, 2014
Finalist at "The Art & Science competition", Los Alamos NM, USA, 2011
Finalist at "Prix Emil Hermes", Paris, France, 2010
Finalist at "Create the Void", Guggenheim Museum, New York NY, USA, 2010
First prize at "Pittori in piazza a Caviano", APST, Switzerland, 2010
Finalist at "Black&White by Coco Chanel", Ringstrassen Galerien, Vienna, Austria, 2010
Mention at "Reconstruction of Square Kosturnica", Kusevac, Serbia, 2007
Mention at "Restructuring an rural space to enhance identity", Rome, Italy, 2005
Special prize for architecture at "BID Zone Krusevac - Mercy Corps", USA, 2003
First prize at "Red Cross Art Contest", Yugoslavia, 1990

Exhibitions (a selection):
11.3-16.9.2022: Saluti dal Ticino, various locations in Ticino, Switzerland, collective exh.
1.3-13.3.2021: Born with Flowers, Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, Japan, collective exh.
1.10-10.10.2020: Born with Flowers, CrossTerrace, Morioka, Japan, solo exhibition
13.11-17.11.2019: Made of Light, Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori, Japan, solo exhibition
07.12-10.12.2018: Enlightening, Akita Museum of Art, Aikita, Japan, solo exhibition
23.11-25.11.2018: Enlightening, Cross Terrace, Morioka, Japan, solo exhibition
09.11-11.11.2018: Enlightening, Shoboji Temple, Oshu, Japan, solo exhibition
08.06-08.07.2018: Designing Complexity, Dpt. Arch., Univ. of Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exh.
08.04-08.07.2018: Galerie Messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany, solo exhibition
09.11-11.12.2017: Life sensations 3, S-PAL, Sendai, Japan, solo exhibition
04.09-11.09.2016: Life sensations, Nanshoso, Morioka, Japan, solo exhibition
01.09-08.09.2016: Life sensations 2, Kawatoku, Morioka, Japan, solo exhibition
31.03-21.04.2016: TAE Foster Pride - Trygve Lie Gallery, New York NY, USA, collective exhibit.
21.12.2015-21.01.2016: I.M.Kolarac - The Music Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, collective exhibition
18.05-20.05.2015: Perspective 2015 - MiCo, Milan, Italy, collective exhibition
22.12.2014: Shelter/AAF II, MORIJYOBI, Morioka, Japan, workshop and installation
20.12.2014: Shelter/AAF I, IMAIZUMI, Koriyama, Japan, workshop and installation
02.12-07.12.2014: Art Takes Miami, SCOPE 2014, Miami Beach, FL, USA, collective exhibition
12.12.2013-04.01.2014: Snap to Grid, LACDA, Los Angeles, USA, collective exhibition
21.02-20.03.2013: Sketch., Fordham University Center Gallery, New York, USA, collective exh.
07.08-20.08.2012: 3D Body Art and Fashion, Ascona, Switzerland, solo exhibition
17.04-18.04.2012: 3D Body Architecture², AIST Waterfront, Tokyo, Japan, solo exhibition
24.09-25.11.2011: 3D Body Architecture, Ascona, Switzerland, solo exhibition
15.09-15.10.2011: Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute, Italy, collective exhibition
09.09-09.10.2011: Art calls Miami, SCOPE Gallery, Miami, USA, collective exhibition
30.07-23.09.2011: Face the Architecture, Ascona, Switzerland, solo exhibition
01.05-30.05.2011: Asin Art Foundation, Florence, Italy, collective exhibition
20.12-12.12.2010: National Theater, Novi Sad, Serbia, solo exhibition
19.10-20.11.2010: Ticino, Art and Nature, Lugano, Switzerland, solo exhibition
01.08-01.09.2010: Tourist Center, Vira, Switzerland, collective exhibition
14.10-14.11.2008: Oktobersalon, Krusevac, Serbia, collective exhibition
10.06-24.06.2007: Mp Art Cafe, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.06-05.06.2006: Strosmajerowa - open space gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
05.05-20.05.2004: Multimedia Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.02-01.03.2004: Sava Sumanovic gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, solo exhibition
10.05-10.06.2003: Latino Cafe gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, solo exhibition
01.10-30.10.2004: Museum of Revolution, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
10.09-24.10.2002: ArtClinica gallery, Minijature 2002, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.05-15.05.2002: Kuca Simica gallery, Krusevac, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.10-01.11.2002: City art gallery, Young 2002, Krusevac, Serbia, collective exhibition
24.10-18.11.2000: Vreme zrelosti, Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia, collective exhibition
01.11-25.11.1998: ARCO gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, collective exhibition
01.10-30.10.1997: Milo Milunovic talent gallery, Krusevac, Serbia, collective exhibition
25.05-30.06.1997: Gymnasium Gallery Krusevac, Serbia, solo exhibition
10.10-17.10.1992: Vuk Karadzic, Art colony, Trsic, Yougoslavia, collective exhibition

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